How To Create Simple And Inexpensive Business Website With Great Design

The technology has grown a lot, even small companies have their own website, to forecast their business details and some do online business to sell their products. For making your website rank in SEO you must hire a website builder, who makes all your work simpler. They design your website with updated themes and add-on plug Ins. The cost may vary depending on the provider you hire, some hesitate to hire developers due to their cost. There are many website developers in the market who design under your budget, small scale businesses do not opt for high budget developers. In this blog, we have discussed how to create a simple and inexpensive business website with great design.

Before choosing the website builder, decide how your website must resemble, what you are going to make from your website, customize according to the customer requirement. The basics that website builders provide are, they allow you to choose your own domain name, decide website templates, compatible with mobile users, cart options, synchronize with your social accounts, best customer support, plans of services that you provide, and price structure. There are many providers who provide cost-effective service and even provide free service.

The Top 5 Website Building tool that is under your budget

  1. Wix – They are best suited for small businesses that have hundreds of templates that are categorized under business, photography, videography, restaurant, food and general design among which you can choose according to your business type. You need just to drag and place on your website, the installation is made simpler, web security and is compatible with mobile users. The Wix plans are business basics $20 per month, business unlimited $25 per month, business VIP $35 per month.
  2. Squarespace – It is suitable for small business websites that are suitable for e-commerce businesses. They offer wide collection of templates that makes your website attractive, give your website a professional appearance and bring organic traffic to the website. The plans are affordable and the price starts from $18 per month.
  3. Weebly – The website builder that was launched in 2007 which provides web designing at affordable cost, which is suitable for small businesses. They are mostly preferred for small scale businesses, online stores, or blogs. All you need to select the template and drag them to your website, now you are set with the website. Apart from the website building they also provide email marketing service, SEO functionality, e-commerce, and blogging. The price plan starts from $8 per month.
  4. Duda – They provide website designing at affordable plans and make your website look innovative and attractive. They make your website compatible with all devices, mobile, tablets and incorporate with social media. Apart from the website building they offer many other features. The price ranges from $14 per month.
  5. WordPress – It is a popular website designing tools, nearly 30% of the websites are designed using WordPress. The website designing is made simpler with WordPress, which even beginners can design. They have many innovative and professional templates for your website. The other features offered by are, it makes a website compatible with SEO and analytic tools. The price ranges from $8 month.


The small scale businesses look after all the things to develop their business. The basic criteria are that whatever they decide they look into budget and make decisions accordingly. Choose the right website tool that not only does design, they include many other features. Look after all the website designing tools and choose the right one which suits you.

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