How To Create Fastest Website With Simple And Cornerstone Design

The first step in creating a website is to start with a blog, it will help you to get great knowledge about web designing and creates a big platform.  Then start with small websites then grow for bigger ones. Learn the basics, find which parameter attracts more users, get familiar with codes and designs.

There are many website builders who are available to help you in building a website like Wix. In this blog, we have discussed How to create the fastest website with simple and cornerstone design. Most of the visitors seek high-speed websites the loading time must be higher. They do not like to wait for the loading of the website, if they face bad experience then they will not return back again.

How to Create Fastest Website Design?

There is a survey taken by Akamai study which shows 47% of users expect the webpage to be loaded in less than two seconds. Google Webmaster has mentioned that users who visit E-commerce sites seek a two-second loading time. The users will leave the site when it takes more than 3 seconds. Hence it is necessary to make your website fast to get a better user experience.

  • Donot dump to many stuffs in your website – When your website has less elements to load then the loading time will be minimum, which increases the speed of the website. Replace the standard navigation bar with a hamburger menu, use small image formats, use a standard single font, shorter web forms.
  • Understanding the Importance of Design – The website designs make the user satisfy and bring organic traffic to the site. The good website design improves the response time and performance of the site.
  • Google helps you designing – Google offers PageSpeed Insight tools that help in detail about the reasons that make your website perform slower. You can get the report through the mobile and desktop. The score must be 100 for all the site, the recommended points will be provided in the report.
  • Use Lazy Loading – It is a design pattern that improvises the loading time faster by scrolling down the page. They improve their performance. When your website page is longer and uses lazy loading to scroll faster and in turn improves the webpage speed.
  • Server Optimization – This will help your website to load information faster from the server. There are many resources that help to optimize the webpage like defer images, combine external CSS files, combine external Javascript files. You can also use CDN, cache solution and software configuration to improve the speed.


How fast is your website, the number of users has increased? When your website is low then automatically move to a website that renders fast loading time. The above points will help to improve the website speed and delivers better performance. Always check the website speed and performance, there are many new tools that help to know the information. Always update your website for better performance.

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